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Traffic-Lights-BenefitsOX-AN® specialise in the design and manufacture of Gas Detection and Alarm Systems for safety and environmental monitoring applications.

We provide Oxygen Depletion Systems, Oxygen Enrichment Systems, Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Systems, Carbon Monoxide Gas Systems and Brownfield Landfill Gas Detection Monitoring Systems.

OX-AN’s gas monitoring systems feature a clear indication of a location’s gas safety status by incorporating sets of high brightness LED clusters, zone alarm indication by large 7 segment displays, gas level and engineers function setting on a LCD and a stack of high brightness coloured LEDs for systems status, including system OK, fault, print pending and isolated sensor.

The gas detection and monitoring system’s main panel features an event printer that can store alarm events for retrieval. It is also used for documenting due diligence test by the end user.

Guys & St Thomas Hospital

In addition, all OX-AN® systems provide the benefits of zoning and indication to Building Management Systems where an event may have occurred.

Typical Application

Raymond Coupland Ltd have installed an oxygen depletion and carbon dioxide enrichment monitoring system at the World famous Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital Cell Research Laboratories in Central London.

The order was placed by Clean Room Construction Ltd, who are one of the country’s leading providers of high specification CAT 3 laboratory clean rooms refurbishments. On the 12th floor of Guy’s Tower Wing, the Cell Therapy Catapult project has 1,200m2 of office and laboratory space and was handed over in February 2014.

The new facilities contain GMP proving laboratories providing an intermediate step between early stage research and large-scale production for clinical trial and commercial supply. The latest equipment is installed, enabling the development of scaled-up processes to grow, prepare and test cells for delivery to patients. In each laboratory, OX-AN provide sensors for the detection of oxygen depletion from piped Nitrogen and Liquid Nitrogen in Dewar’s along with CO2 monitoring which presents a risk from piped gases and outlets.

Our “traffic light” system makes it clear to all working in and around the laboratory’s the status of the environment.

The system is a zoned system which allows individual laboratories to have warning devices activate in that area only, alleviating the requirement to evacuate all the rooms in the event of an alarm event.

As with most of our installations we provide a test gas kit to enable the client to test the integrity of their own system. The main panel is provide with a panel printer, allowing a log to be kept of real and monthly test alarm events.