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Gas-Detection-EquipmentSystem Benefits – Zoned Fixed Gas Monitoring Systems


OX-AN® has always placed a high emphasis on research and development of their products. Over many years, the features of these oxygen depletion monitoring systems have been improved to provide what we believe to be the most comprehensive system available. All features are simple to use. In normal operation the systems do not need to have any human input – they continually monitor the work environment.

Due to our focused manufacturing systems we can offer these high specification systems at a price often below systems with far lesser specifications. This is coupled with our confidence in the products reliability – we offer a full 5 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty on our equipment. For our end users this simply equates to peace of mind – a high specification system at a cost effective price, which will last for many years.

Fixed installations have many benefits over personal monitors and these include:

3.A portable monitor has no facility to close down the supply of gases in the event of a leak, or to switch on additional ventilation. OX-AN’s Monitoring Systems have outputs to interface with Shut Down Valves, and Ventilation Controls.4.Portable monitors need regular charging and calibration. OX-AN’s Monitoring Systems are designed for long life, trouble free operation with 5 years warranty. Systems are maintained and calibrated on site, whereas portable units usually need sending to a service centre, leaving you without the ability to monitor.5.Portable monitors have limited methods of recording events. OX-AN’s Monitoring Systems are fitted with a printer which allows all alarm events to be logged. In conjunction with the test gases we supply, due diligence tests can be undertaken and recorded by the end user.

1. A personal monitor is intended to protect one person only – OX-AN’s monitoring systems are designed to protect the entire work area continuously (usually with multiple sensors) with clear audible and visual alarms in the event of a high risk situation.
2. To undertake a risk assessment, which should be undertaken every time someone is entering the area, using a personal monitor means the person has to enter the room to undertake the risk assessment – OX-AN’s monitoring systems do not require anyone to enter the room or to be present to undertake a risk assessment; there is clear indication on the panel by a matrix of green LED’s indicating the area is safe. The system is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can even be remotely monitored.

Systems Feature:

– Clear Indication of safety status by sets of high brightness LED clusters – Green / Amber / Red
– Zone alarm indication by large 7 segment displays
– Gas levels and engineers functions set on a LCD
– System Status Indicators – including system OK, fault, print pending and isolated sensor
– Integrated event printer that can store alarm events for retrieval and document due diligence tests
– Failsafe Operation – failure or damage to any sensor or its wiring will cause an alarm
– Hold off function – to prevent nuisance tripping
– Watchdog timers – to ensure the function of the conversion of gas levels – other manufacturers lesser specified equipment does not include this feature and can be liable   to ‘lock up’ – continually indicating a safe status when this may not be the case
– Test Mode – to perform a test of the system without triggering any interface to gas shutdown or remote monitoring system
– Sensor Isolation – In case of a sensor being damaged, individual sensors can be isolated ensuring the rest of the system remains functional


Options Include:

– Alarm Beacons with integrated (mutable) sounders for the work areas and their entrances
– Signage to accompany the system main panel, entries to the risk area and the Alarm Beacons
– System Zoning – one monitoring system can cover multiple work areas independently
– Remote monitoring, either by OX-AN or your own facility
– OX-AN® offer services for risk assessment, specification, installation, commissioning, due diligence testing, maintenance and call out.

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