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Zoned Systems For Applications In Industry, Universities, Medical And Bio Research

OX-AN® gas monitoring systems are renowned for their features and overall reliability and are designed for long term personnel safety monitoring in the following industries and research establishments:

Food | Nuclear | Aerospace | Automotive | Electronics | Pharmaceutical | Research and Development |

Medical and Educational Laboratories | Universities | Hospitals

Easy Install Systems

OX-AN® are pleased to announce the launch of a fully featured range of gas monitoring systems for applications within the construction industry from new build, fit out and retrofit to existing buildings.

The system are prewired and require no specialist skill to install, just screw to the wall, plug in and you are up and running with a top quality system with a 10 year warranty, subject to being serviced annually by our authorised service partner.

Key features include:

Easy to set up with digital controls

Highly visible “traffic light” LEDS indicators

Facility to print events and system settings

Interfaces to Building Management Systems (BMS)

Controls ventilation

Landfill Gas Monitoring Systems

Our Brownfield and Landfill Site Gas Detection Systems are designed for personnel safety monitoring in:

Housing Developments on Brownfield Sites

Retail and Office Parks

Sports and Leisure Sites

Sheltered Housing

Industrial Buildings

Public Building Developments

Since 1993, we have been providing purpose built gas monitoring solutions for buildings constructed on brown field and old landfill sites.

Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen from disused industrial sites, power stations, mine workings or landfill sites may, if undetected, pose a potentially serious risk to anyone living or working nearby. It is essential that such risks be minimised by the use of continuous and accurate gas monitoring within all voids, cavities, rooms and cupboards.

The system offers a cost effective, accurate and reliable solution for the continuous sampling of these potentially harmful gases from contaminated sites.

 F Gas Monitoring Systems

With the introduction of the f-gas regulations to prevent and reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol, OX-AN® have manufactured the Environmental Leak Monitoring System. These are used on large scale refrigeration plants with loads of refrigerant in excess of 300 kg.

The system provides audible and visual warnings of the presence of fluorinated greenhouse gases within a specified area in buildings around evaporators, chiller cabinet’s etc, and outside plant including condensers and recovery systems.

It also undertakes full data logging and reporting for compliance.

Glove Box Analyser And Control Systems

Based around the accurate 16 bit electronics and software of our well proven gas monitoring systems, we have developed and supplied to clients a 19” 3U rack mounted system for the accurate measurement of oxygen and moisture in glove boxes. The dual range oxygen measurement channel with automatic range change for 0-1% O2 to 1%-25% O2 has an accuracy of 0.01% O2 on the low range and 0.1% O2 on the high range. The measurement of moisture is in the range of 0-20000ppmvv

Configurable outputs are available from rear mounted LEMO connectors, typically these can be nitrogen purge, high oxygen and moisture alarm, oxygen channel and moisture channel fault. The unit is available as 110 v ac and 230 v ac

The OX-AN® Oxygen and Moisture Glove Box Monitoring System continuously monitors and displays the level of Oxygen (O2) and moisture (displayed as H20) from two individual locations within a glove box. The system is pre-configured with detection levels for O2 and moisture which provide audible, visual and control outputs.

Flue Gas Monitors With BMS Connection

The system is designed for the continuous measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide and temperature of flue gases on industrial and commercial boilers. It is suitable for use on boilers in:





Government buildings

The advantage the fixed system has over periodical checks with portable instruments, is  that any change that may affect the safe and economical use of fossil fuelled boiler plant can immediately be detected and remedial action taken, without a period of time elapsing before the service engineer is next due.

The outputs from the sensors are monitored by the BMS, (building management system) and alarm parameters can be set to meet the boiler manufacturer’s recommendations

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