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OX-AN® Oxygen Enrichment Monitoring Systems

For personnel safety monitoring in:

  • Food Industry
  • Metal-working
  • Welding
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, colleges, universities


Oxygen Enrichment Monitoring Systems

Systems are available for Oxygen Enrichment Monitoring where the use of pure Oxygen either from bulk gaseous or liquid store, or on site generation is used for enriching air, perhaps for patient care or mixing with other gases for food packaging purposes – or where welding may present a safety or explosion risk.

The system for these applications can be set for alarm levels to be triggered if the Oxygen level exceeds the preset limit of 20.9% to 25%

Volt free contacts can be used to shut down the Oxygen supply ensuring the risk of explosion or fire is eliminated.

The product can measure up to twelve locations as standard with remote 4-20 mA oxygen sensors.

Key Features

  • Digital control and set-up of all functions
  • Recall of alarm events
  • Monitors up to 16 locations
  • Two stage alarm outputs with 3 amp volt free relays
  • Clear indication of fault zone on large LED
  • Sensor isolation
  • Print on demand function documents time stamped events


  • Zone based alarm system – Multiple areas can be monitored and have individual alarm based relay outputs using one system.

How many sensing points do I need?

The number of sensing points required to adequately monitor a space depends upon a number of factors.

Ox-An offer a full installation service. All that is required on site is the provision of a fused mains outlet adjacent to the proposed location of the monitor and remote panel.

Service and Maintenance

OX-AN® Gas Detection Ltd offer a service contract providing a service visit at twelve monthly intervals. At the service schedule the electro-chemical Oxygen sensors are replaced and all the instrument’s functions and alarms are checked using test gases.

For intermediate system testing we can supply test gases in disposable canisters with a needle control valve and carrying case.

Technical Details

Sensors: Electro-chemical fuel cell 4-20mA transmitter
Range: 0-25% oxygen
Voltage: 240V a.c.
Current Rating: 5 amp
Output: 2 x 3 amp single pole changeover relays (volt free contacts)
Display: Function: 2 x 16 back illuminated liquid crystal displayZone: 2 x 1.5″ 7 segment LED displayAlarm: Matrix of 5mm red LED’sWarning: Matrix of 5mm amber LED’s
Area safe: matrix of 5mm green LED’sSystem Status LED’sFault: System fault has occurredIsolated: One or more sensors isolated

Muted: Sounder is muted

Slow Cycle: System in slow cycle mode

Print Pending: Event is ready to print

Healthy: System is powered & functional

Warning Sounder: 90 dB @ 1 M
Mute: External mute push-button
Main Unit: 53 cm high x 43 cm wide x 20 cm depth from wall
Sensor Housing Size: 10 cm high x 10 cm wide x 8 cm depth from wall
Maximum Number of Sensors: Monitors up to 16 locations
Field Wiring: Transmitters 16/0.02 mm2 twin Belden cable


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