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Nitrogen TankerOur systems are used in, but not limited to the following industrial and research applications.

– Aviation
– Universities and research laboratories
– Food processing
– Alternative energy laboratories
– Metal manufacturing
– Nuclear
– Healthcare and hospitals
– Fatigue testing laboratories
– LN2 storage
– Refrigeration plant

In these organisations our equipment can protect personnel from life threatening situations from toxic, flammable and asphyxiating gases where the following may be used.

– NMR Machines – Oxford & Bruker Biospins
– MRI Scanners – Siemens and Philips
– Electron microscopes
– Argon welding machines
– Environmental climatic chambers
– Carbogen applications
– F-Gas Monitoring Systems on large scale refrigeration plant

We believe a control panel for gas safety monitoring that can be interpreted by anyone visually is better than having to read a manual and scroll functions to understand what is happening especially in alarm condition.

All our life safety gas monitoring systems are fitted with “traffic light style” indicators and we recommend the control panel should be sited outside the risk area.

This allows the personnel to observe the panel readings and reset the system should an alarm event occur.

You may use our free design service to specify a complete system including number and location of sensors, warning beacons with integral sounder and warning signs, installation and commissioning.