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We pride ourselves on customer support and the reliability of our systems, means one annual service visit is all that is required to maintain the system in perfect working condition.

Our maintenance agreements give the client peace of mind that for one fixed fee, the system is under a 10 year warranty plan, with no hidden costs.

We also supply a test gas kit, which allows the client to test their system periodically for their own in-house due diligence.

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All our life safety monitoring systems are fitted with a panel printer, this allows the commissioning engineer to log the system settings on the commissioning sheet. After sensor replacement and calibration, the servicer engineer will apply test gas to all sensor points to prove the system is fully operational.

To ensure that the system is operational whilst servicing, our engineer will isolate the odd number sensors and change them and then repeat the process on the even numbers.

A system setting printout is applied to the service sheet in both modes to prove that the area is not left at risk whilst servicing.