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F-Gas Environmental Leak Monitoring System

F Gas


For monitoring fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions, protecting you and protecting the environment

With the introduction of the f-gas regulations to prevent and reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol, OX-AN Gas Detection Ltd have launched the Environmental Leak Monitoring System.

The system provides audible and visual warnings of the presence of fluorinated greenhouse gases within a specified area in buildings around evaporators, chiller cabinet’s etc and outside plant including condensers and recovery systems.

A key feature of the system is the data logging of events for companies and organisations to be able to provide documented evidence of good practice in the charging, discharging and maintenance of refrigeration systems, heat pumps and other systems covered by the f-gas regulations with key elements of the regulations introduced on the 4th July 2007.

The system is intended for use on commercial and industrial applications with the control system fitted in a plant room or other centralised location. The sensors specific to the gas used on site are hard wired back on 4-20mA loops, warning devices such as beacons and sounders are wired back to the central control panel in mains cabling.

Features include:

– Up to 4 × USB based signal capture modules (total 32 sensors)
– Up to 4 × USB based relay modules (total 24 relays)
– .NET based software using Windows XP native USB drivers
– 1024×768 Touchscreen interface
– Individual sensor inputs software configurable for R-134A and other gases
– 4 configurable alarm levels
– 33 configurable Output Groups
– Sound Alarms
– Relay specific Mute
– Sensor specific Isolate
– Sensor value logging
– Alarm logging

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