Quality Gas Monitoring Systems for a Global Market Since 1980

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Project Description:

Great Ormond Street Hospital has a long and remarkable history in the development and support of clinical and diagnostic innovation.

Called GOSH for short, the laboratories work directly in partnership with the University College of London’s Institute of Child Health.

These laboratories facilitate, manage and deliver both internal and external hosted research. GOSH are renowned for its commitment to the development of diagnostic advances which ensures that client services are delivered in line with the latest scientific and clinical research in the following areas:

– Chemical Pathology
– Enzyme Disease Marker Discovery
– Genetics
– Haematology
– Histopathology
– Immunology
– Microbiology, Virology and Infection Control
– Paediatric Malignancy Unit

OX-AN were awarded a contract from Atlas Clean Air Ltd to provide carbon dioxide enrichment and oxygen depletion monitoring systems for several clean rooms.

The OX-AN “traffic light” system makes it clear to all working in and around the laboratory’s the status of the environment.

The system is a zoned system which allows individual laboratories to have warning devices activate in that area only, alleviating the requirement to evacuate all the rooms in the event of an alarm event.