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OX-AN® Boiler Monitoring Systems – BoMS


The OX-AN® Boiler Monitoring System is designed to identify energy losses on small to medium sized boiler plants. It is not a pollution monitoring system and is not listed on the Environment Agency’s MCERTS scheme. For suppliers of this kind of equipment visit www.sira.co.uk/MCERTS/MCERTSCertifiedProductsCEMS.pdf.

Measures and Reports over the Internet, Fuel Efficiency, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Real Time Fuel Consumption and Heat Flow, suitable for all boilers in:

– Schools and Colleges
– Hospitals and Medical Centres
– Hotels and Leisure Centres
– Offices and Factories
– Universities
– Government Buildings
– Shopping Malls
– Supermarkets


Why monitor your boilers?

With the ever-increasing concern over Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the availability of Gas and rising fuel costs, no business or organisation can ignore their responsibilities and actions required to save fuel and lower Carbon emissions.

Commercial and industrial boiler-plants for heat raising and process-use are like your car – only efficient if maintained and used correctly. The OX-AN® Boiler Monitoring System will monitor your boilers and advise the service engineer and the person with overall responsibility, of the fuel efficiency, fuel and heat flow and CO2 emissions on their web browser.

Fossil fuel fired boilers, whether domestic, commercial or industrial, lose energy up the flue due to several factors, including losses to the water vapour turning into steam, losses due to associated nitrogen, losses due to carbon dioxide, all at an elevated temperature from the heat raised in the combustion process.

When boilers are serviced they are usually checked by an engineer with a portable emissions testing device and unlikely to be checked again for up to 12 months.

In the period between checks, conditions may change a boiler’s operating parameters and result in energy loss and higher CO2 emissions, including possible dangerous CO spillage into the boiler house.


How the system works

The OX-AN® Boiler Monitoring System measures the flue gases for O2, CO, CO2 HC & NOX, and boiler room and flue gas temperature and calculates the fuel efficiency by knowing this data and the values of the fuel being used.
Fuel flow data from fixed flow meters is also measured by the system. This will give the user a real time fuel flow rate for each boiler and calculate CO2 being emitted.
It is expected this part of the system will be useful when the trading of carbon credits commences in 2008.

Heat flow from meters can also be fitted to the system. This will allow the end user to view actual energy being delivered from each boiler.


Be in control

The OX-AN® Boiler Monitoring System has an embedded PC connected to our Internet server, which allows clients to log on and view the data and take action if required before excessive fuel is used.

Another feature of the system is the ability to sequence boilers, only firing the minimum needs dependant on weather conditions and load, saving energy on idling boilers. Boilers which have gone out of limits on flue gas emissions or temperature can be isolated until such time as action can be taken to rectify the problem.



OX-AN® offer a full installation service using a network of HVCA, CORGI and ECA approved contractors.


Service and Maintenance

OX-AN® offer a service contract providing a service visit at twelve monthly intervals.

Technical Details
Maximum No. of Boilers on one system: 4
Flue Gas Temperature probes: Type K 0 – 1100° Celsius 4 –20mA transmitters with 150mm standard probe ½” BSP female connection required in flue
Flue Gas Sample Pipe: 6 mm OD ASTM A312 type 316L ½” BSP female connection required in flue
Sample Line Maximum Length: 18 metres
Flue Gas Sample: Sequential
Gas Measurement Technology: CO, CO2 Hydrocarbons NDIR, O2 and NOx electrochemical cell
Gas Measurement Range: CO 0 – 10%, CO2 0 – 16%, O2 0 – 25%, HC 0 – 4000ppm, NOx 0 – 4000ppm
Gas Measurement Resolution: CO 0.001%, CO2 0.01%, O2 0.1%, HC 1ppm, NOx 1ppm
Fuel Flow Meter Inputs: 5V d.c. pulse, 4 – 20mA loop, RS 485
Heat Flow Meter Inputs: 5V d.c. pulse, 4 – 20mA loop, RS 485
Secondary Temperature Probes: RTD 3 wire 0 – 100° Celsius 4 –20mA transmitters with 150mm standard probe ½” BSP female connection required in pipes
Burner Firing Signal Input: 240V a.c. opto-isolated input
Boiler Control Circuit I/O: 3 amp SPCO volt free contacts
Voltage: 240V a.c. 110v a.c. option
Current Rating: 5 amp
Display: 15” flat panel LCD
Keyboard: Slide out 102 key with touch pad
Internet Connection: Broadband 8Mb2 connection, 2 GB Monthly usage
Main Panel Size: 74.5 cm high x 53.5 cm wide x 31 cm depth from wall
Main Panel Construction: GRP IP 66 rated double insulated class 2, finish pale green RAL 6021


OX-AN® have manufactured gas monitoring and analyser systems since 1980. Today our equipment is used in Hospitals, Universities, Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Research Laboratories, Nuclear, Waste and Landfill throughout the World.

The OX-AN® Boiler Monitoring System is an unequalled product designed around the latest technology and not to be confused with systems produced by others. The electronic circuits with individual micro-processors and USB connection are designed and made by OX-AN®, making the system cost effective for small to medium through to large boilers. In the past systems of this nature and less complexity have cost more than the boiler-plant and thus not been feasible. We know. We tried in the 1980’s.

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