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Project Description:

Project Image Credit – http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/magres/index.aspx

Back in 1991, the University of Nottingham established a Magnetic Resonance Centre to conduct research into MRI – magnetic resonance imaging to build on the work pioneered in this field by Nobel prize winner, Sir Peter Mansfield in the 1970’s.













Image Credit – http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/vice-chancellor/2013/07/11/sir-peter-mansfield/

The Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Imaging Centre is one of the leading UK research centres for the application and development of magnetic resonance (MR) techniques.

The centre are involved in many UK and international collaborative projects deploying its wide ranging cutting edge MR facilties which can also be accessed by external research personnel including:

MEG & MR compatible EEG systems

1.5T, 3T and 7T whole body scanning machines including:

– wide ranging equipment for physiological monitoring and stimulus presentation used in fMRI studies

– a wide range of coils for abdominal and neuroimaging applications

– hyperpolarization methods for lung imaging

– brain function monitoring with fMRI

– ASL for measuring tissue perfusion measurement

– MR spectroscopy for monitoring biochemistry

In addition, the facility will also be providing access to NIRS, DNP facilities with the improved sensitivity required in 13C MR spectroscopy studies as well as a low field upright scanner for lung and musculoskeletal imaging.

OX-ANĀ® systems are installed in the SPMIC (Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Imaging Centre).